About Us

Rob Fischer Lonewolf GripsRob Fischer has been involved in the film industry for more than 15 years. He has had the opportunity to work on numerous major motion pictures and TV commercials both locally and abroad. Rob now brings you a fresh and enthusiastic new grip company:

Lone Wolf Grips!

After working in partnership with one of the best, he has expanded, polished and tailored what he has learnt to form a style all of his own.

Lone Wolf prides itself on being a grip company that believes in integrity, respect and accountability. The partnerships created within our team are based on a vision to bring out the best in everyone, with a drive and energy to deliver solutions to each gripping situation. It is our down-to-earth professionalism and commitment to the job that keeps Rob and his team busy continuously.

Lone Wolf bases itself in Cape Town, but we work equally well out of Johannesburg and all parts of South Africa. As opportunities have arisen, we have sometimes found ourselves on foreign soil mixing and learning from different cultures of gripping – all in the effort to bring exciting new options to our gripping style.

The Lone Wolf experience is something that Rob and his team are proud to offer and continuously strive to improve.